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  • BK1 - Bristol's Forgotten Empire

    by Terry Hallett Paperback, 247mm x 168mm, 210pp, black & white illustrations (including several by Francis Hewlett), extensive index plus indices of Magicians and Revues. Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) The author has thoroughly researched the history of this East End Bristol music hall from its opening in November, 1893 as part of the Moss & Thornton organisation. The hall, made famous by Harry Day and F.J. Butterworth, had more than its share of ups and downs, becoming a cinema for several years in the 1930s and closing in 1954. It lived on for a while as a BBC sound studio, but was demolished for road widening in 1963. Learn More
  • BK11 - The Austin Seven

    by Jonathan Wood Paperback, 210mm x 150mm, 32pp, black & white illustrations. Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) One of the most famous British cars, the diminutive but robust 750cc Austin Seven, introduced in 1922, changed the course of automobile design and proved the viability of the small-capacity four-cylinder car. The salvation of the Austin company, it was aimed at families who might otherwise have travelled by motorcycle and sidecar, and it remained in production until 1939. The Seven performed as well on the race tract as it did on the road. It survives in respectable numbers to provide new generations of enthusiasts with a practical, economical car to run, race and restore. Learn More
  • BK2 - The Lost Theatres of Dublin

    by Philip B Ryan Paperback, 247mm x 170mm, 240pp, black & white illustrations, 13-page index plus indices of Songs, Theatres and Cinemas Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) In The Lost Theatres of Dublin, Richard Brinsley Sheridan jostles with Cecil Sheridan, as the author takes us on a fascinating and eclectic journey from the licensing of the first Theatre Royal, in Smock Alley in 1662, through to the restoration of the Olympia in 1977. The book covers the three Theatres Royal, The Queen's, The Tivoli, The Abbey, The Coliseum, The Capitol, The Torch and Dan Lowrey's Music Hall. Over 2000 copies sold. Learn More
  • BK29 - Roundabout Paramount

    by Brian O'Gorman Paperback, 215mm x 148mm, 135pp, no illustrations Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) A fascinating novella charting Dave and Joe O'Gorman's tour of the Paramount Theatres in the USA during the 1930s. Though warmly received by audiences and fellow artistes, the Variety comedians face problems with trade unions and threats of murder and arson. A gripping tale, based on actual experiences. Learn More
  • BK3 - Glossary of Terms Used in Variety

    by Valantyne Napier Paperback, 215mm x 150mm, 66pp, black & white illustrations. Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) This book is a valuable source of reference and information about Popular Theatre before television. Many once-familiar terms are explained in a straightforward way to those who know only television and rock shows. A wonderful array of photographs - many not published before - depicts Risley, Aerial, Dental and Balancing acts from the great days of big-time Variety. Included is 'Napier's Guide to Theatre Before Television', which clearly defines Burlesque, Music Hall, Variety and other forms. Learn More
  • BK30 - Variety at Night is Good for You

    by J.O. Blake Compiled and Illustrated by Nicholas Charlesworth Foreword by John Earl Edited by David F Cheshire Paperback, 273mm x 210mm, 528pp including 48pp in full-colour. 20pp detailed Indices: Artistes, Theatres, Managements, Productions and Architects Price above includes post and packing in UK only Postage to Europe (incl. Eire): please add extra £10 Sterling to our PayPal account Postage to Rest of World: please add extra £18 Sterling to our PayPal account A journey around 92 London Variety Theatres inspired by J.O. Blake's visits to Variety houses in the capital. This book brings together for the first time details and images from myriad sources of the 92 theatres used to stage Variety in London. There are over 400 line-and-wash drawings of exteriors and interiors of these theatres by Nicholas Charlesworth and a wonderful array of programmes and posters from each hall. In addition there are photographs of artistes, pictures of some of the old-time chairmen and illustrations showing details of the theatre circuits that covered the London area. There are even ticket stubs to prove that these lost theatres really existed. Many of the West End theatres covered are still standing, although mostly now operating as homes for musical shows. However, the former Variety theatres North and South of the Thames have mostly been demolished before their useful and decorative qualities were properly appreciated. Theatres such as The Metropolitan or The Queen's Theatre in Poplar were gems and, had they survived a few more years would surely have been renovated and kept in use. A big, well-equipped house like The Finsbury Park Empire (originally built for £45,000) would surely be cherished as a state theatre in many a continental town. This book is a 'must' for theatre buffs and researchers. Learn More
  • BK4 - Coventry's Forgotten Theatre

    by Ted Bottle Paperback, 245mm x 167mm, 184pp, black & white illustrations. Price includes post & packing in UK only (Please enquire for Europe/Rest of World prices) In this very well researched work the author covers a lot of ground in the history of this forgotten theatre. The Theatre Royal, Smithford Street eventually became the Empire Theatre of Varieties. The book includes glimpses of other Coventry venues of entertainment and the workings of the English Provincial Theatre during the nineteenth century. It is told in straightforward language supported by numerous plans and illustrations of this and other contemporary theatres and music halls. Learn More

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